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3.2m Crystaljet Cj6000 Solvent Digital Printer with Spt 510 Printheads

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

3.2m Crystaljet Cj6000 Solvent Digital Printer with Spt 510 Printheads

seiko 510 solvent printer, large format printer, outdoor solvent printer, 3.2m solvent printer

10 feet solvent printer


1) The safety of DC24V voltage print head heating system allows the printer can be worked 

on varies environment.

2) 400W high power AC servo motor control system, with long life, high accuracy and quick


3) This printer provides positive flush, suction function, with each color ink prime and onekey

 injecting function.

4) With super wide print platform design, the machine can load more heads and easy upgraded.

5) Auto head protector keeps the print head in a good condition, With limit switch protection avoiding

 printhead mangled

6) Automatic media feeding device with memory of each kind of media, automatically indentify which

 kind of media is using currently. It is easier to operate such device with the control panel in front of the printer.

7) LED lighting system brings more convenience during printing and on print head status suspect.
8) The power of media absorbing can be adjusted, which allows printer adopts varied different kind of medias.

9) There are auto white skip, auto step adjustment, bi-direction, auto single file copy, wave and line eclosion 

technology in the software, makes the printing process more sample and easy.

10) Print head temperature can be automatically detected by a device, it will adjust the print head voltage accordingly,

 which ensures print head in a good performance.

11) Pre heating on rear heating board, middle heating board with higher temperature improves ink absorption, 

precision printing and working efficient

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