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3.2m Solvent Printer with 8 Spectra Polaris Printheads (512-35PL)

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

3.2m solvent printer with 8 polaris printheads(512-35PL)

spectra polaris 512/15pl,35pl print head machine, it is high speed, with perfect performance

the detail is as followed:

1.Use American Polaris diamond metal nozzle from SPECTRA COMPANY, each nozzle has 512 nozzle orifice,

the built-in nozzle orifice is not easy to scrath.

2. Ink drop 35PL, 110V high frequency injection, the leading precision in similar products and the high

saturation of the printing picture. Normal ignition frequency is 30k,is2-4times speed of the similar products.

3. Eight head solvent printers are cast with high strength, linear guide, Panasonic motor of 400W.

4. High-strength mechanical structure, using precision-machined Y beams, made by the standard of piezo

digital inkjet printer, ensure mechanical stability and print quality, keep your machine high strength,

high-quality printing. The using life is long.

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