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Galaxy Eco Solvent Printer Ud181LC Printer 1440dpi Resolution with Original Dx5 Printhead

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Galaxy eco solvent printer UD-181LC printer 1440DPI resolution with original DX5 printhead 

galaxy launch series eco sovlent printer,such as different width, head quantities, in 2016 year, 

Phaeton launch new head toshib eco solvent printer and UV printer,comparting to epson dx5,epson 

dx7 head, speed will improves. 


ModelUD161LCUD1612LCUD181LCUD1812LCUD211LC UD-2112LCUD-2512LCUD-3212
Printheaddx5 head
No of  head1head2heads1head2heads1head2heads2heads2heads 
Max print width1600mm1800mm2100mm2500mm3200
Print speedD  4pass1528163117343644 
S  6pass1020112112222433 
Q  8pass810913101718 22
inkTypeWater based/ECO Solvent ink
Color4 color:CMYK
Capacity1L per main tank of each color
InkAuto supply system
Midia width 1680mm1880mm 2.180mm2580mm 3300mm
Media typeVinyl,polyester,flex,back-lit film,PS board,KT board,PVC foam board,etc
Machine sizeL3080*W990*H1,2660mm/204KGL3380*W990*H1,260mm/225KG
Package sizeL3190*W1100*H845mm/390KGL3490*W1100*H845mm/422KG


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