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Hot Sale 2016 PVC Welding Machine,PVC Welder Machine

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 22, 2016

Hot Sale 2016 PVC Welding Machine,PVC Welder Machine

before you use PVC hot airwelder machine, please note: 

Before you buy the machine, please make sure then tell me your local power supply,then we can make the 

right according to your true voltage.

And also hope you can supply us the max.profile thickness/height of your profile, and also please inform us

 you want only weld common white profile or weld both common white profile and color profile, after you tell

 us these information, we can suggest you which model is better for you, thanks very much!

9).Specially note:

The common seamless welding machine only can weld to 100mm thickness profile, if your profile thickness is

 higher than 100mm, we can heighten the seamless welding machine that can weld to 150mm thickness profile

,but it needs you pay some extra cost if we heighten the seamless welding machine,but if your profile thickness

 still is more than 150mm, and you still want to use the seamless welding, then you need to consider to buy our

 South Korea type Seamless welding machine,the South Korea type seamless weldin machine can weld to 280mm

 profile thickness.

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