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Konica 512 Ink

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 30, 2016

Konica 512 Ink

tongchuang(guangzhou)co.,ltd deal with Acetek series konica 512/42pl solvent ink, konica 512i solvent ink

konica 1024/42pl solvent ink, konica 512/14pl printing ink

Basic Info

Origin: guangzhou 

Product Description
Konica 512 Ink
1. Can help you to finish substantial task and the picture can be printed out as expected

2. During Survey shows that the ink for weathering resistance is the same as that for other brand's

 under the same condition

3. The most competitive price will gain more orders from your customers
4. Environmental protection type is no odor and no poison for the product can preserve environment.
5. It can meet your selected media demand with large compatible capacity

6. It can support all kinds of RIP version software, And specialized persons can offer you all kinds of ICC 

Curve files and can meet your different Media's demand schemeto ocean shipping.

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