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Paint design

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

This method paints the design of vacuum storage possibility offers a lot of space. It is by changing the materials used in each layer of the thickness and the order of layers to achieve. This design shows that the ink through the metal, media, metals, medium point, metal overlay color changes. This ink can get maximum chroma, saturation, hue and brilliant color. As a simple example, see below is a five-layer paint designs, each layer has its own specific task to accomplish.

① reflectors. It may consist of aluminium, nickel, chromium, iron, silver, or gold high reflection material, which acts like a mirror, makes the reflector has a uniform color surfaces. We can through cost-effective, high reflectivity and chemical resistance features to select the material really. Obviously, material of this kind of effect pigment particles visible to the naked eye features ultimate conductivity, magnetic and other properties also affect the capacity of ink.

② the unit of the interval. Interval of material approximately divided into inorganic or organic materials, in order to play to the maximum performance of the material, the material must have minimum standards of optical. Experiments proved that Refractive index ﹤ 1.6 of the most suitable materials, such as silica, and magnesium oxide or plexiglass.

Absorbing layer between the reflector and the distance and optical thickness of a light color, the color can be from UV light to the most recent one between the infrared wavelength regions under any color. We must consider the characteristics of electromagnetic radiation outside the Visual bands, which can make the "user" application in the high security documents (in the process of sorting and processing).

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