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Programme of near-infrared absorbing inks

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

The advantages of near infra-red security ink: security, high technical difficulty, the use of simple, almost limited is not subject to any printing conditions. Any printing printing available, applicable to negotiable instruments, securities, trademarks and security printing.

Near-infrared absorbing inks when used alone, are not subject to any printing conditions of, you can print any security logo, one dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode.

Use ink to infrared (wavelength 700nm~1500nm) have different absorption characteristics can be matched without absorbing IR security inks and near-infrared absorbing inks. No absorption of infra-red security ink is on near-infrared absorption of printing inks. Can be used by near-infrared absorbing ink and not absorb IR security inks are paired. IR security inks for printing of security patterns or information hiding under the absorption of infra-red security ink-free, anti-copying security features more subtle higher functionality, security is better.

Using near IR security inks for printing two-dimensional bar code, is colorless, specialized speech recognition to read the security information available, successful solution of two-dimensional bar code can be read and can prevent replication problems.

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