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Thermochromic inks

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

1. reversible thermochromic

Ink colour or cooled down when the temperature recovery. For example a thermochromic inks fade when the temperature rises to 28 ° c cooling back to its original color.

2. non-reversible thermochromic

Permanent discoloration of ink at a specific temperature. Suitable for flexo/gravure, waterborne UV screen printing and UV flexo printing.

Special inks

1. coated color ink

A special white inks with a coin coated dark grey/black when showing hidden information. Can be directly printed on paper, can also be combined with masking paint used in non-cloaked region coated color effect. Apply solvent flexo/gravure, water based flexo printing and traditional offset printing.

2. variable ink

Color inks with viewing angle changes. The iridescent or Pearl effect cannot be photocopied or scanned copy. The series of high demand, screen print on a black background works best. Solvent suitable for screen printing, gravure and UV flexo printing solvent.

3. conditions for color ink

A changeable colors appear the same color in certain lighting conditions, and in particular of illuminants shown strong differences (condition of color). Using simple filters only to see one of the colors. The security measures used to generate the contact information applies to most of the printing system.

4. the response variable ink

Added in ink in a variety of chemical substances, certain conditions (thermal, pressure-sensitive, humidity and acid-base indicator such as discoloration) can occur under a variety of chemical reactions so that the ink changes color. Already some need special security applications, such as airfare. This ink has developed into a finished product but due to the use of fasting to certain identified conditions, so there is no large scale.

5. magnetic ink

Magnetic ink applied to black lithographic printing, providing protection for high-security documents and brand products. Offers dedicated testing tools, be detected through the sound and the green/red light to confirm the authenticity of the items. Suitable for solvent and water based gravure printing, screen printing. Apply water based gravure, and screen printing. Apply to traditional black offset printing.

6. the biochemical reaction of ink

Ink mixing can produce bio-chemical composition of support. With this printing ink on the packaging of a first marks that are not visible to the naked eye. again according to the formula of targeted selection reagent, when using heat, wetting, Kang Ca methods such as text or graphics will be Bo out. Mainly used in high-grade archives heritage tag saves.

7. liquid crystal ink

Liquid crystal ink into the crystalline properties of compounds. LCD in weak current and temperature display crystal lattice changes under the influence of light and dark pattern and color. This is the new level of an anti-counterfeiting printing technology. but since observation requires certain conditions, therefore, back wall is big.

8. print special inks

Printing inks are pigment, the full material, Binder and mixing of. which color ingredients selected are printed color and vividness of important factors. Ink level is a very complex problem in nature organic pigment and inorganic pigment saturation, brightness difference and some natural color synthetic cannot be achieved. Different ink factory in the production of the same model, between batches, their color varies. Therefore a larger amount of packaging play quality manufacturers, products targeted at their requirements and chess for larger and more technologically advanced printers printing while printing ink factory customized special inks for printing of each product, its formula by the printing ink factory funding confidential.

9. the altered ink

When altered correspondingly, there will be some kind of password. age for this ink printing cheques, bills of Exchange and documents such as securities.

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