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What is an optical variable ink

Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

Optically variable ink is a micro-structure contains a high precision interference filters, and rely on different perspectives show two different colors of ink.

Optical variable ink color transitions that are specific in nature has been more than 50 countries selected for the currency of the security, the inks at 90 ° and 30 ° observation angle of different color variations, so as to ensure that the colors are not copied.

This high performance in optical variable ink interference filter, is on the roller coating equipment produced by vacuum deposition of precision. Optical properties of such materials must be able to achieve the maximum effect to achieve the desired security, MICA quartz material is wet or has this feature.

Pigment particles have the optical properties enable it to have a strong color shift features (by the phenomena of Physics), pigment particles about 1 μ m thick and 20 μ m wide, its reflection, absorption and incident and interference.

Therefore, the only accurate to each layer of material is allowed only when we use physical phenomena to analyze ink. Optical variable ink is based on vacuum storage manufacturing interference filters to show the ink of this transition, but the choice of materials for this color change confused. In General, synthetic medium compared with the all-dielectric properties of metal is better, this is because the metal has high opacity, and high cost performance.

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