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3.2m Large Format UV-LED Roll to Roll Digital Printer
Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 13, 2016

3.2m Large Format UV-LED Roll to Roll Digital Printer

conventional UV-curing VS uv-led

the two main type of uv lamp being employed in large-format uv-curing printers

include mercyry vapor uv lamps and the led-based uv lamps which rely entirely on led

lamps for the source of uv radiation.

un like most mercury vapor uv lamps, leds come to full brightness immediately without

need for a warm-up time or burn in times as we cal it in the printing world, the other dramatic

differencs is the uv wavelenght produced by the lamps. in digital printing,the mercury-vapor uv lamps

produce light waves in the 365nm specturm(type d lamps), whitel the LED-based uv lamps produce wavelengths 

at about 390nm.

the chemical make-up directly corresponds to the light intensity(wavelength) and as such, the inks can not be

intermingle, it need specifically for the light wavelength of either mercury vapor of UV-LED that the particular


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