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Commonly Used Silver Ink Silk Screen Scratch Introduction
Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

Scratch the silver ink is a special printing inks, in everyday life, ordinary people are exposed to this kind of ink, such as scratch cards, lottery tickets, raffle tickets, phone cards, prepaid card, award-winning invoice such ink on figure, mainly used to block password or specific information, the biggest feature is convenient for the user's own scratch this layer of ink.

Scraping scraping card of making can with variety printing way to achieved, most common of is silk printing scraping scraping silver, it of main advantages is applicability is strong, because silk printing printing of layout soft and also has must of elastic, not only can with in paper, printer real Shang printing, and also very for in plastic card, even is glass ceramic Shang for printing, special has flexibility.

Except from the wide range of application, screen scratch silver with occlusion effects, ink evenly, easy scraping, is not affected by substrate material shape and area size limit and so on.

There are two common scratch silver ink is: screen printing caducous scratch scratch offset printing ink and ink.

Screen printing easily pulled off the biggest feature is easy to fall off, doesn't require you to use a fingernail or a hard object to wipe only with a tape, all of a sudden a whole layer from scratch, more convenient.

Scratch the silver ink for offset printing features similar to silver and silk screen scraping, but the drawback is obvious, one offset printing ink is relatively expensive, the second is the need to do it twice, more trouble, so the average or use screen printing, such as scratch cards scratch silver ink.

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