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Large Format Solvent Printer
Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Large Format Solvent Printer

The TC Series is our mainstream of the 3.2meters solvent printers which ensure the fast yield of profit

 with the most affordable price, and stability fully considered. SE Series including different models with

 different speed, allow the customers to choose the one according to the job requirement. With highest 

resolution up to 720x720dpi, and speed range from 20 to 130 square meters per hour. Our TC series 

cover all your business needs. TC series first launched in 2006. It has experienced 7 times upgrading in 

design up to 2009. Each model is TC series 3.2 meters solvent printers has it short version in 2.5meters 

and 1.9meter according to the customers needs. And also each 6 colors model in TC series would have

 its 4 color version just with the extra print heads cut-off, Vice versa, each 4 color version would have it 6

 colors counterpart version accordingly with more heads add-up. 

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