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Plastic Gravure Printing Inks
Tongchuang (Guangzhou) Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 09, 2016

Gravure printing ink is gravure ink used when printing a variety of different substrates. Paper for gravure printing ink and plastic gravure printing inks. In plastic gravure printing inks, and table printing inks and gravure printing ink compound in two categories. Plastic gravure inks are used for printing PE, PP, OPP, NY and other plastic film of ink, but you can also print flexible packaging, as long as the printed page does not have much color, after rewinding blowing cold air test compound odor and colour fastness is Basic. Plastic gravure surface printing ink is composed of binders, polyamide resin, along with pigments and additives, such as grinding made. Polyamide resin for softening point at 121 degrees Celsius, otherwise they will be in meiyu season because of low softening point resin adhesion of printing when printing. High softening point resins will appear to freeze in the winter, heating mixing will be required to make it dissolve. Plastic gravure surface printing ink thinning solvents are toluene, isopropyl alcohol, xylene, n-butanol, and so on. Some solvents can also be added in due course to adjust Ink viscosity. Toluene, isopropyl alcohol, is a fast-drying solvent. Xylene, n-butanol is a slow-drying solvent. Note to use butanol, if the ink dried too fast, graphic dot damage caused, include n-butanol better to recreate the ink, print and dot clarity, but more will cause the ink, print adhesion appears especially in the rainy season.

Plastic gravure printing inks also known as composite ink refers to printing ink in the substrate. Ink binders primary is chlorinated polypropylene resin, which printed OPP, PET, NY, high adhesion of film. After the black ink in the innermost layer, is plastic bags of high-grade printing ink. It diluted with main solvents are toluene, ketone, butanone, ethyl acetate, and so on. Ethyl ketone, toluene, ethyl acetate is a fast-drying solvent, methyl ethyl ketone is a slow solvent, the ink may not join a solvent such as alcohol, otherwise the ink will go bad. In using plastic intaglio composite ink Shi to note, because ink manufacturing manufacturers in design ink Shi has high-speed machine fast dry ink and speed machine slow dry ink of difference, so printing Shi to to concave printing machine of speed to determine ink of select, or, concave printing machine of speed slow, ink dry in intaglio dot concave pit in; concave printing machine speed fast has printing pieces and dry can't. The retort of plastic or aluminum foil printing, choose boiling-resistant two-component special inks for gravure inks and foil. Otherwise no retort, appears after the layer of ink after cooking thin, clear color, picture and text, and so on. Retort packaging in production also need to select a high temperature resistant material and boiling-resistant two-component adhesive. Plastic intaglio ink of surface tension General is 36 Dyne, and PE, and OPP of surface tension General only 32 Dyne around, this on requirements in for intaglio printing Shi, film to after electric Halo processing, damage plastic surface molecular structure, improve film surface tension, makes of reached 38 Dyne above, let ink and film affinity stick prison, with hand rub and rubber stick with tore down ink, only reached printing quality requirements.

Chloride in the production of plastic gravure printing ink in the polymer has an impact on the ozone layer, widely used in gravure printing of toluene to dissolve and adjust Ink viscosity, harmful to workers ' health and safety, and this requires ink manufacturer as soon as possible to develop HIV, nontoxic alcohol-soluble and water soluble plastic gravure printing inks. We in the production of paper-plastic composite materials and production of liquid packaging film roll when using plastic flexo inks. Add solvents are alcohols and esters, low toxicity, reached tasteless, no benzene health requirements. In short, the choice of plastic gravure inks, depending on printing performance and operator proficiency and other factors. To know material printing, gravure printing machine speed is, how ink drying, printing colours are consistent with the original, finishing to meet the requirements and purpose of the final product. Different shapes and different plastic bags is to use different inks. Select the appropriate inks and materials, coupled with careful operation can produce fine plastic printing products.

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