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X6-2513 Ricoh Gen 5 Uv Flatbed Printer

X6-2513 Ricoh Gen 5 Uv Flatbed Printer

with leading internation 3-16pcs ricoh gen5 UV print head,you can get high printing quality of 1440dpi,printing size can get to 2.5*1.2m

TONGCHUANG is one of the professional x6-2513 ricoh gen 5 uv flatbed printer suppliers in China. We have credibale manufacturers at our service who can assure the reasonable price of products. Please feel free to buy cheap x6-2513 ricoh gen 5 uv flatbed printer made in China with us.

x6-2513 Ricoh gen 5 uv flatbed printer

Acetek X6-2613 UV Flatbed printer, ricoh inkjet printer bring amazing printing resolution,

color or head can be free combination

Product features

1. 4/12 industrial grade piezoelectric Ricoh print heads, variable ink printing, Min 7pl Max 21pl,

 photo level accuracy, can clearly print 3px fonts, transition colors much more perfect.

2. Two UV lamp irradiation power can be set, bidirectional printing according to the directions of 

automatic rotation, can effectively reduce the deoth PASS 

3. Integral structure ,Double screw mandrel and double motors control 

4. Super powerful vacuum adsorption system can firmly adsorbed on the printing platform, 

especially for easy deformation of ma

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